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at TSA we’re continually at work behind the scenes researching new projects; new aspects of the Iberian grog scene. We have not ‘done it all’ as yet, and have been very deliberate in not trying to do it all at once. We’re genuinely committed to researching deeply and carefully so that we can truthfully present our wines as the best of their type, not just ‘some product we have found’. We taste hundreds (and hundreds) of wines a year, in Spain and in the office, attempting to find genuine gems, real wines that tell the best stories possible of type and place. Of late, a few such have indeed been found …

… It’s an exciting time right now, as certain long-term research projects reach or near completion, and we are able to announce our discoveries and judgements. Right now, we’re delighted to announce the first of several new ideas we’ll put before you during 2012.

Meet the Txakoli wine of Txomin Etxaniz!

Pronounced: Cho-min/Ech-aniss/Chak-o-lee
There’s just a wee bit of language to negotiate here, but be confident that with just a couple of reads, you’ll understand the region/language stuff, including pronunciation, and can get down to what really matters: “is this yummy wine that I want to enjoy and introduce to all of my friends?”

Txakoli (pronounced chak-o-lee … a bit like Stagger Lee, just less scary), is the snappy white wine of the Basque north coast, between San Sebastian and Bilbao. We’ve recently completed our final comprehensive trawl through all the Txakoli wines available, and with confidence and great delight present …

… our chosen Exemplar of True and Delicious Txakoli.

2011 Txomin Etxaniz Txakoli
D.O. Getariako Txakolina, $39 rrp

Pronounced: Cho-min/Ech-aniss/Chak-o-lee

This is a brief explanation and tasting note: hit the link below to read a (beautifully written) full explanation of the D.O, the variety and the Txakoli wines of northern Basque.

This is extremely good Getariako Txakolina and faithfully reflects the premium region of Txakoli production. Attractive brilliant straw hues, with a mid-to-low fizz spritz on palate. The nose is alluring and delicate with apple cucumber and light pear perfume. The palate shows good fullness and structure - gentle sweetness gives a bright fruit spread at entry, and it gains a tartness which facilitates a poised and impeccably balanced end. Really clean, well composed spring fruits, beautifully spiced, great drinking. This is classical Txakoli - exactly what you should expect - it’s correct, clear and delicious.

Txakoli is typically served frothy, being poured into cups with a long arc through the air, aided by an aerating pourer inserted into the bottle neck. See these you-tube clips for how to pour Txakoli:


Click here to read more about Txomin Etxaniz Txakoli


And thank you to David and Mel Worthington for their assistance in compiling these notes.

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