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A LOVE LETTER TO RIOJA: a special article in Alquime Edition 6

I'm delighted to announce the publication of a significant journalistic piece on Rioja, written by me and out from now in the new Edition 6 of Alquimie Magazine (
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And, to the piece on Rioja ...
It's safe to say that TSA is a highly terroir-oriented wine importer, which as it turns out puts us at odds with the governing view in Rioja as to the relationship between wine and place. My article "There's no such thing as Rioja Alta/Alavesa/Baja" runs to 4,000 words and argues why everything about DOCa Rioja is currently at odds with a terroirist view of place-and-wine, and goes on to argue exactly how (and how easily) it could be fixed. Trenchant in its criticism of the current wine bureaucracy it is indeed, however the piece is also an out-and-out love letter to Rioja: to the place itself, its deep history and very bright future as one of the wine world's most beautiful homes to beautiful wine.

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