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Descendientes de J. Palacios Single Vineyards, D.O. Bierzo

A subsidiary of Palacios Remondo, Descendientes de J. Palacios is in its 5th year in Bierzo. Corullon is both the brand-name of the wine, and also the name of the principal village around which Alvaro Palacios and Ricardo Perez own and source their vines.

The vineyards are sixty very small, specific plots, at varying altitudes. All are based on a pure, minerally slate rock base - some featuring clay and others chalk. Alvaro and Ricardo have 15 hectares, and all are biodynamic in viticulture.

The region is green and mountainous, with fruit generally grown at about 600 metres. The resultant wines are fresh, fragrant and deep - juicy, lively and silky. Produced at several levels - the regional Bierzo wine - Petalos, and the village wine - Corullon (name of the main wine town with the best sites) are partnered by three single-vineyard wines exploring the mystery and charm of specific sites around Corullon: Moncerbal, Las Lamas and La Faraona.

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