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Luis Anxo, Viña de Martin, D.O. Ribeiro

Luis Anxo Rodriguez Vasquez calls his project Viña de Martin. The bodega is in the little village of Paixon, south of Ribadavia in the relatively dry Arnoia Valley, under the highest peak of the region, La Carniza. Here he has three hectares comprised of 30-odd small parcels scattered up the hill-slopes above his bodega (which sits on a rise above Rio Arnoia). These parcels may contain as few as 100 dry-grown bush-vines. The soil type is 'Sabrego' – granitic gravel sands. It's a very cold area and needs long sun exposure to attain proper ripening.

The bodega name,Viña de Martin is taken from his oldest parcel of vines on very poor sandy soil. The wines are extraordinary. Subtle, slow and gentle to unfold, built for many years of bottle evolution. They are the epitome of contemplation wines. Those looking for a big bang, overt winemaking, or things expressible in a 100 point scale, look elsewhere. If you are happy to wait long by the river however, something extraordinarily pleasurable will surely drift by you.

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D.O. Ribeiro