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Legado del Moncayo, D.O Campo de Borja

Young gun, Isaac Fernandez works in a number of regions and with several varieties, but his standout wines to date come from the old Garnacha bush vines of Campo de Borja.
Campo de Borja (which rather grandly calls itself 'The Empire of Garnacha'), is a DO of 6,000 hectares in Zaragoza province, between Navarra and Catalayud, in the broad, almost delta-like flood plains of Rio Ebro, after it departs la Rioja and before it reaches Priorat and its Mediterranean shore. Above these floodplains, the slopes leading up to the Moncayo mountain have a special microclimate among the 16 municipalities of the DO.

'Legado' means legacy, and that in question is the volcanic influence in the soils under the now-extinct Moncayo mountain volcano. On the flanks of Moncayo, rich, very stony clay soils, nurture Garnachas upward of 40 years old, vines and fruit surviving a battering by fierce cold, dry winds (notably in winter by the cold, dry Atlantic 'Cierzo') as only Garnacha can. The climate is extremely dry Continental (350-450mm in the hills), and grapes grow between 350 and 750 metres altitude. Isaac works in the highest, most extreme parts of Campo de Borja, in soils that are both the rockiest, and most iron-laden in the region.
Isaac is nephew of Mariano Garcia, famous as the winemaker of Vega Sicilia in the later 20th century. In conjunction with a US importer (Aurelio Cabstrero), Isaac has wine selections in several regions, including nearby Catalayud (also working there with Garnacha, albeit much broader and rustic than the finesse he can achieve under Moncayo).

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Campo de Borja