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Spirits & Beer

Sanchez Romate 'Cardenal Mendoza' Brandy

In 1887, the house of Sanchez Romate laid down its first brandy solera. This idea for this solera was brought to life in order to satisfy the needs of the Sanchez Romate family and a select group of their friends for a brandy of exceptional quality. The astonishing quality of the resulting product led to the commercialisation of their brandy.

Thus the 'Cardenal Mendoza' Solera Gran Reserva was born.

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Thames Distillers London Dry Gin

Fifty Pounds London Dry Gin is produced by a small, south-east London based distillation company, Thames Distillers. The distillery at Thames Distillers has been distilling Gin for more than two centuries, and belongs to a family with an extremely long history of distilling.

Distilled using a neutral grain spirit and '8+3' botanicals, Fifty Pounds is ideal as either a G+T or as a Martini base. It has enough character to keep even the most discerning Gin drinker interested!

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Ron Ingenio Manacas Extra Añejo

Ignacio Manacas Ron Extra Añejo

In 1948, Sanchez Romate sent their most able foreman, Juan Jiménez Villalba, to Cuba to oversee the company's wines and spirits being sold there. Once there Villalba observed that the used casks were well suited to the ageing of rum, made by the local Cuban distillers. Following the Cuban Revolution, Villalba succeded in recuperating some of these rum-filled casks and shipped them back to Jerez. Here he carefully tended the rum and created a small solera within the Sanchez Romate winery.

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Primitivo Quilies, D.O. Alicante

Primitivo Quilies

Primitivo Quiles as a bodega and as a family (los Quiles) have been involved with wine in the Alicante region since 1780. The bodega is the oldest in Alicante, having been established in 1926. The 'tonnels' (giant old wooden vats such as Tonnel 'Cono 4', after which their delightful rustic house gurgler is named) were built in situ then. The bodega is in Monóvar. The Monovar vineyards are in the Medio Vinalopó, the central run of the river valley (Enrique Mendoza at Villena is north in the Alto Vinalopó), which finishes in the south-east in Bajo Vinalopó at Elche. The nearby hamlet of Raspay, from which they also take fruit and after which their main wine is named, is away from the river valley to the east.

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Hijos de Pablo Esparza Basarana

Hijos de Pablo Esparaza was founded in 1872 by the Esparaza family. Five generations later, the family business continues to focus on small batch distillation of quality ingredients, a laborious production method which gives the final product remarkable levels of flavour, colour and smoothness.

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Zythum, Cerveza Artesenal del Priorat

A natural, vintage, artisan beer, completely nude of additives, made from two barley and one wheat malt with a selection of three types of hops. Brewed in Priorat, it's genuinely unique in elaboration.

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Cillar De Silos, D.O. Ribera del Duero

Up in the Northern hill-slopes of D.O. Ribera del Duero, rising out of the valley, the Aragon family have a couple of truly special patches of very gnarled old tempranillo vines, 60 and 80 years' age. Soil is slightly heavier and more minerally than the sandy valley floor, but heavy clay is avoided. These are wines of elegance and concentration; savoury with great earthy perfumes.

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Zarate, D.O. Rías Baixas

They said it couldn't be done, but 40 year old Eulogio Pomares and his wife Rebecca Zarate are the first authentic organic growers in Rías Baixas. More importantly, their wines are delicious. There are three indigenous red varietals, harking back to the pre-phylloxera days of Rías Baixas as a predominantly red wine region! Albariño, it turns out, is largely a 20th century phenomenon.

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