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Spanish Sweet Wines

Generally, sweet wines are an excellent way to complete a meal, matched with relatively savoury desserts such as almond tart, anything citric and all forms of cheese. They are also great chilled as an afternoon drink, perhaps with fruits and nuts, and simply wonderful with pate/foie gras.

Spanish sweet wines are predominantly made using the Moscatel grape. Moscatel is the same variety which produces, variously, Moscato d'Asti in Piedmont; Passito de Pantelleria in Sicily and many of the muscat wines of Australia, the Rhone ... arguably, the most important great wine variety in world wine history, given the significance of the ship-based trade routes in and around the Mediterranean, and the preservative effects of sugar.

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Primitivo Quiles, D.O. Alicante

Located a few hours south of Cataluña along Spain's East coast, the vineyards of the Levante grow on land that rises up from the Mediterranean coast. Grape vines were introduced into Alicante by the Phoenicians, wine was made here by the Romans and the praises of Alicante wines were sung by the Moors.

Primitivo Quiles as a bodega and as a family (Quiles) have been involved with wine in the Alicante region since 1780. The bodega, based in Monóvar is the oldest bodega in Alicante, and quite possibly in all of Valencia. Over the centuries Primitivo Quiles has continued to sepcialise in two native varieties of the region: Monastrell and Moscatel.

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Telmo Rodriguez, D.O. Malaga

Telmo Rodriguez 001 - ©Jason Orton

The philosophy behind the Telmo Rodriguez company has always been to use native Spanish varieties (when the planting of foreign varieties has been the norm in almost every Spanish wine region), and where possible to recover and renovate abandoned or forgotten vineyards.

This is how the Molino Real 'mountain wine' project in Malaga emerged. It was the history and endangered status of this southern Spanish wine treasure that drove Telmo and Pablo to recreate 'mountain wine'.

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Quinta do Ameal, D.O.C. Vinhos Verdes

Quinta do Ameal is the quality wine champion of Vinhos Verdes, devoted to the Loureiro grape variety. Ameal is a single estate, a walled vineyard planted in 1948. The estate is in the northern sub-region of Lima. The soils are deep yellow granite (the yellow is from a clay component), slightly acid with little organic material. The vines are 14 hectares, facing south and sloping gently down to river Lima. Viticulture is organic and biodynamic.

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