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Oil & Vinegar

Alvaro Palacios Oli D'Oliva Verge Extra

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The steepest and poorest soils of Priorat have historically been planted to grapes, with the more humid and fertile locations given to olives. Many such trees around the vineyards of L’Ermita and Finca Dofi are now more than 500 years old, and yield an invigorating liquid gold in miniscule volumes.

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Dauro Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Produced by Roda, Dauro is an ultra-premium 'estate' oil, produced using single-estate fruit and the same high-quality principals that apply to the production of Roda. Oil production and winemaking share many common elements: both are extracted from a small fruit, both of which are rich with aroma and flavour.

Dauro 'L'Emporda' extra virgin oil is based on Arbequinas (a small, spherical olive), and blended with Hojiblanca and Koroneiki.

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Sanchez Romate Vinegar

From the beginning of Sherry production in Jerez, bodegas (cellars) that could produce good vinegar were considered to be poor wine producers. Until some fifteen years ago, the vinegar produced in Jerez was almost kept hidden and merely taken home by the employees or owners for their private use. Since then, as Sherry vinegar became more widely accepted worldwide, the local attitudes towards Sherry vinegar have changed.

All Romate's vinegar comes from Sherry wines made from Palomino grapes. For the most part, the young vinegar comes from the bodegas own stock of Sherry wines that are converted naturally into vinegar in special cellars. Romate's technical department is in charge of keeping the highest possible standard of quality in this young raw material.

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