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Raventós i Blanc

Raventós i Blanc Cava Penedès | Australia

A small, family-owned concern, based on 90 hectares at Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, which has been in the family since 1659. Until recently, the bulk of their holdings went to the giant firm, odorniu, with whom the Raventós family have a distinguished past, both as family and as employees. The Raventos i Blanc holdings, in fact, curl around the Codorniu HQ. In 1984, family patriarch Josep Maria Raventós i Blanc and scion Manuel Raventós i Negra struck out with their own brand, produced entirely from estate fruit. As so often the case in Spain, family heritage is a matter of immense pride, particularly for a tribe who can legitimately claim to have originated an entire D.O! "L'Hereu", or 'the line', is the term for their continuity of sparkling production since acquisition of the property nearly 500 years ago, through the origin of Cava, to the present.

Raventos i Blanc is no longer calling itself Cava, preferring their own new DO: Conca del Riu de Anioa. Riu is Catalan for the Rio, or river valley at the heart of Cava country half an hour west of Barcelona in the Catalan hills. 

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Torreblanca maisa

Torreblanca is a family owned finca or single vineyard of 22 hectares at the village of Moja, near Vilafranca del Penedes in the centre of the main zone of production for quality Cava. Theirs is a little basin vineyard, rolling down and away from the winery then up north toward Vilafranca. Dry and sunny, with good winds sweeping through and helping avoid rot and fungus.

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Vallformosa is a family owned (owners, the Domenechs, are descendent from one of Cava's pioneers), medium-sized house making a full range of Cavas and table wines. For our market, their best work is with three splendid entry-level Cavas. Stylish, satisfying and great value.

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